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 In a time when a lot of business owners are really gasping for air with the tasks that they need to do on a daily basis, the advent of hiring a virtual assistant is a welcome development. From doing the task of email management, data entry to those as complex as doing outbound calls and HR recruitment work, We at Excelsior Virtual Services got you all covered. We want your business to grow and expand by helping you on your core and non core processes, that way you can focus more on the things that matter at the same time saving you time —Time that you can use to have that much needed vacation or spend it with your family, friends or loved ones.

We go the extra mile

We are ready to take on your most complex tasks and exceed your expectations. 

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Let’s get creative and explore new business potential together!

Communication is key

We know the importance of communicating and we’ve seen the impact. 

We Achieve our goals

We love setting goals! long term goals, short term goals, qualitative goals & quantitative goals. We have lots of goals! 

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The Faces Behind our Success

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Christine De Jesus

Co-Founder / Client Acquisition / Customer Service / Real estate investing / Insurance / Online Business Manager
Tin is such a silent, hard worker. She balances the daily workloads and the sudden changes in her schedule yet she still makes sure that her three kids are taken cared of. As a working professional, Tin has handled different job positions in the call center industry, initially as a frontline customer service agent then subsequently as a product specific coach and as a Quality Assurance supervisor. She loves to cook and go travel, well, sort off. She watches animes and some Netflix series during her free time and struts some dance moves on TikTok. 
She took up Bachelor of Arts in Mass communications at Saint Louis University in Baguio, Philippines.

Henry Bernardino

Co-Founder / Client Acquisition / Sales and Marketing / Lead Generation / Real Estate Investing / Insurance / HR Recruitment / Online Business Manager
Henry is all about service without the fanfare. When he puts his mind into something, he makes sure he gets things done. From a young age he has this passion with the subjects of history, political science, social studies and current events. Back in college, he went to Saint Louis University then moved to the University of the Cordilleras, both in Baguio. He loves to play chess, read books and just recently, go to the gym. Oysters, shrimps and lobsters are the definition of heaven for him. 


Real Estate, HR recruitment specialist

Kat Corre is a graduate of education at Bicol State College of Applied Sciences and Technology. She is a licensed professional teacher and had 3 years of teaching experience in a Montessori school, before she decided to engage in freelancing. 

She has a real estate virtual assistant experience, and has worked with clients based in Kansas and Missouri. Her love of talking to different people over the phone made her became passionate about her job. She’s currently working as a HR Associate for her client who is based in Portland, OR. 

She has mastered the art of patience and communication which are key essentials in working as a VA. In addition, her ultimate goal is to satisfy the needs of her clients, that is why she always makes sure to render good quality service to them. 

Born in Manila but raised in Bicol; she still resides there with her mom, brothers, and other relatives. In her time off, Kat loves watching her favorite Korean and Chinese dramas.


Sales, Cutomer Service and HR recruitment specialist

Gem is an accomplished phone-based worker, having held such roles as Technical Support as well as Airline Reservations Sales and Customer Service. Working to assist others with their enquiries, noting their experience and finding ways to provide support to the end user, is what she excels at. She is a confident, determined and focused employee, always looking to get the job done thoroughly and correctly.

Gem has developed a love of cooking and baking. When Gem isn’t preparing amazing meals, she is most likely travelling and exploring far and wide. Be it in Singapore, Australia, Bali, or even most places in Luzon and Visayas Philippines. Gem loves to experience and see as much of the world as she can, especially trying the local cuisine wherever she travels.

She can often be found enjoying coffee and chit-chatting with friends whenever she’s free.


Customer Service expert, HR Recruitment (DSP) Pioneer

Strong people are molded by very hard events. Like diamonds, they are strengthened by time, polished by experience. Liezl is one of those strong people. Mother of two boys, and a wife to JB, She wears different hats every single day. A hard worker, she will go the extra mile to make sure her client’s needs are met and exceeded.


Real estate expert, Customer Service, HR recruitment specilaist

I’m Robelyn, mother of two and really cheerful and happy person. A shy type at first but a loving one later . When i do something that is my passion I always put my heart into it and my dedication comes naturally. I love new exploring things out. This pandemic thought me to just handle things without too much pressure, I learned to be happy in a simple way. And spending quality time with your love one is the ultimate happiness


Customer Service, HR recruitment specialist and collections expert

Rochelle is one cheerful person. Born and raised in Manila but now settled in Angono, Rizal, she is married for 19 years now and is blessed with two beautiful daughters aged 18 and 15 respectively. Her motto in life is simple:


“This too shall pass.”



Whatever hurdles we have to face, let’s all be reminded that worries will end and we will be happily moving on. We only have one life and one chance, let’s live life to the fullest.


Human Resource Specialist extraordinaire

Beauty and brains wrapped into one. Sheryll worked as a Human Resource Specialist at the famed Venetian Macau for years. She carried her expertise over to Excelsior as one of our pioneer HR Associates. She is a hard worker, dedicated and has an awesome work ethic.


Training Supervisor

For the past 11 years, Rey-Chel Austria has provided excellent attention to detail and has effectively represented the face of International companies. Rey-Chel has proven to be indispensable in organizing files based on ISO standards and resources while innovating successful projects to improve back office and customer’s service support. Her contributions towards the betterment of the company and her continued commitment to her career have made her pillar of this company.


HR recruitment and Real Estate Investing Expert

Nice and great in doing multi-tasking as a quality analyst, training the newbies, and admin tasks.

Is a flexible virtual assistant that is experienced and results-driven, efficient, and result-oriented.

Kind has a natural way of negotiating with sellers.

Keen to learn things in a fast-paced in doing remote jobs.

Is an achiever as a sales professional, outperforming sales goals and delivering high levels of customer service.


Service Delivery Manager - Technical support specialist - Book keeping expert

“Strongest link”


The proverbial guardian at the gate. She takes her job seriously and performs her tasks to a T and really excels at it.


Brave and bold, she’s not afraid to speak her mind. Strong and driven,

She knows what she wants and knows just how to get it. A hard- working woman.

Whose performance is known to always exceed expectations. She loves to cook and is really good at it. She can make a good chef.


She is one of the fiercest, most loyal friend you will ever have.


Human Resources, Customer Service and Sales guru

Darl Templo is the youngest child of proud parents, retired Naga City Judge Pedro M. Templo and retired school teacher, Carolina Oliva Templo. She got blessed with two children, Marc and Ara who are now professionals. She finished her post graduate studies in Master of Science in Disaster Risk Reduction Management in 2019. She completed her college with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Commerce major in Accounting at the University of Nueva Caceres. She got interested to study a caregiver course for seven months at the College of the Holy Spirit, Manila. She was a recipient of former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo scholarship when she studied Medical Transcription at the Trade Union Congress of the Philippines.


After graduation, she landed different jobs, 80% of which were on sales. She worked with different multi-national companies and handled different positions that made her reach the peak of her career. She loves to travel and go places we can only imagine. She joined different organizations as a volunteer, that being her passion, to help others in her own little way.


She engaged herself as a Freelance Consultant to help the local government units in the formulation of their comprehensive land use plan.

Currently, she works as an HR Associate. She is a dedicated and well-disciplined, hard worker. She makes sure that she gives her best on what she does.


Social Media manager, marketing specialist, web designer and HR savant.

A social media manager and marketing specialist. Multi-talented web designer and virtual assistant. I’m a passionate, big dreamer and looking forward to sharing it with you.

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