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Our virtual assistants are experts in

HR recruitment

Helping businesses grow their team by completing many HR duties such as:

Back Office Work

Use your time wisely! We provide services for different backend & daunting tasks such as :

Customer Service

Our core group of call center professionals have worked with Fortune 500 companies, to boost their after sales & customer satisfaction.


Gain momentum by setting your business up for success, we help business boost their sales by taking on these roles

Marketing / Branding

We provide different tasks to achieve your brand vision and marketing goals, such as:

Real Estate investing

Equipped with a team of experts dedicated to Real Estate investing. Lots of experience in handling Fix and Flip, Fix and Hold, Wholesale and FSBOs.

Our Impact

Your time is valuable,
Let your Virtual Assistant handle it.

Let’s admit it, running a business always requires time, effort and financial investment to succeed. It is never a walk in the park to establish a brand that people will respect and follow overnight. It takes a lot of passion, desire and the will to grow for every business to thrive and be successful. We are here to help you on your core or non core aspects of your business. We want you to get that back that most important asset that you’ve put in on your business: TIME. Time that you can use to further fuel the growth and expansion of your existing business or even create more sources of income. Gain the LEVERAGE of having a Virtual Assistant work for you instead of you doing all the work.


Customer Management

We know the importance & satisfaction of happy customers! We help business like yours expand by interacting, understanding & listening to your customers. 


Business Development

Whether you’ve been in business for 3 years or 30 years there is always room to evolve & grow. Let us provide you with the right tools and strategy to develop your business.


Research & data

As you grow you learn more about your business and the potential you see. We are here to help you understand that potential by establishing the necessary research & data needed to grow. 

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We are open from 8 AM Eastern Time to 7 PM Pacific Time

Yes, all of our virtual assistants speak and understand English. You’ll be surprised that some of our Vas have multiple degrees too.

Excelsior Virtual Assistants are live assistants that are fully remote.  Our headquarters is located in San Carlos City, Pangasinan, Philippines. All our virtual assistants are reliable, technology savvy, 100% fluent in English, have an advanced education and most of all kind.

Our assistants are looking to work remotely with smaller startup companies to mid-size businesses. We do not operate out of a “call center”. We want to build a personal rapport, become part of your team and help your business grow.

Yes, all of our VAs have been trained and experienced on all job roles.

Excelsior has a multi-step process to vet assistants and find the best match for you. This process includes an in-depth interview, live interview, and a screening call with you or a representative of your company to ensure users are matched with the right Virtual Assistant. We want to ensure that personalities mesh and expectations are met. After all, you will be working with this assistant on a tight knit basis. 

We don’t currently require a contract. We know that once you give us a try you won’t look back.” Our services are that good! 

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